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In regard to COVID-19 CAREmasters is participating all CDC/DOH/CEMP/AHCA standing call updates communicated via FHCA and DOH/CEMP, the website www.coronavirus.gov and the “Florida Governor´s Emergency Order Regarding Visitation in Long Term Care Facilities” issued March 11, 2020 . CAREmasters is aware of response and preparedness planning in skilled nursing. CAREmasters caregivers and nurses are updated accordingly. They are familiar with conditions required to comply with visitor and employee screening procedures. They will follow all instructions given by our facility contract partners. 

Our partners can expect that CAREmasters scheduled staff that arrives at the facility will pass the screening procedures. They are all equipped with the driving authorization letters for law enforcement issued by DOH, so they can get to the facilities as scheduled. Our caregivers and nurses are educated in thorough handwash procedures and recognition of symptoms. CAREmasters staff showing screening symptoms are not being scheduled and must follow the DOH procedures to regain work clearance. CAREmasters staff is successively equipped with masks as we receive our deliveries.

CAREmasters HR Director April Ulfig (Phone: 239-910-6093) is assigned Coordination Manager to update and adapt individual facility procedures and requirements with our service staff. CAREmasters has issued an internal COVID-19 Emergency Plan as amendment to the company´s Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan. The COVID-19 Emergency Plan rules procedures and behavior within CAREmasters office operations. The goal is to avoid infections in staff coordination and HR teams with their daily contacts to caregivers. Furthermore, it rules cooperation and information procedures with CAREmasters contract partners. Changes to our procedures will be communicated. 

CAREmasters management and employees will do their utmost to support the facility partners during these difficult times. Any suggestion for improvement of CAREmasters crisis response and services is greatly appreciated.

April 4th, 2020

CAREmasters healthcare services LLC & CAREmasters homehealth LLC

Laura Corella, Administrator

April L. Ulfig, Director Human Resources