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Turn Key Nursing Solutions

Do you face challenges with your long-term care Nursing Staff meeting required PPD, inadequate budget performance, or being at risk for regulatory non-compliance?

CAREmasters  can make The Difference!
Our turn key” nursing staff solutions will not only give you peace of mind and stabilize your labor force, it will help to meet budgeted costs and forecasts by: 

  • Reducing fluctuations in daily PPD
  • Reducing staffing shortages and unplanned overtime
  • Reducing unnecessary agency usage, particularly late cancellation fees due to scheduling errors
  • Reducing employee burn out by ensuring adequate staffing support
  • Increasing reliability of staffing schedules and commitment to work
  • Increasing consistency of staff resulting in a greater quality of care
  • Eliminating costly wages, variations in salaries, benefits, payroll expenses and accounting costs
  • Eliminating FTE nursing vacancies
  • Completing required labor management reports
  • Substantially reduce your HR activity like locating talent, interviewing, orientating,  credential verifiction and follow up, maintaining employee files
  • Managing employee performance concerns
  • Enhancing compliance with AHCA minimum staffing standards

Outsourcing services like dietary, housekeeping, or therapy has been a successful, standard component of business operations for many facilities in the long-term care arena.  CAREmasters’ “turn key” nursing solutions deliver added value by absorbing the burden of day to day HR and staff coordination, giving you more time to focus on what matters most… your residents! 

We provide a full team of nursing professionals, managed by an expert staffing coordinator, who will work collaboratively with your executive team to develop a flexible staffing plan that supports and accommodates census fluctuations, as well as meeting budgeted PPD and resident care needs. Census, PPD and acuity requirements will be transparent  factors determining your monthly contractually guaranteed costs.

We recognize that each facility has its own unique challenges and culture. Our approach in customizing a plan specific to your needs ensures optimization and a streamlined workforce.  

Contact us for a detailed consultation to learn about the advantages of our “turn key” nursing staff models: admin@caremastershealth.com  (941) 960-1856

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