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Interim Services

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CAREmasters healthcare services LLC  is excited to offer an opportunity that will enhance and broaden our existing partnerships in Skilled Nursing.  CAREmasters has complemented its service line beyond direct care staffing solutions, by offering administrative support via interim NHA, DON, ADON, Quality and Risk Management services. Furthermore, we can support MDS Coordination, Social Services, Human Resources, HR and Scheduling functions by qualified interim staff.

Our team of experienced executives comes with diverse expertise in healthcare operations and management including, long term care, post-acute rehabilitation, assisted living, and managed care.    Our interim services team has a proven track record of successful execution against meeting the demands of complex situations for our customers.  Furthermore, we have the ability to provide these services throughout the state of Florida, providing flexibility in meeting our customers’ needs. A brief overview of our administrative support services are as follows;

  • Interim NHA, DON & ADON services
  • Interim Unit Manager services
  • Interim MDS coordination services
  • Interim Social and Admission Services
  • Interim Human Ressources and Scheduling support

We believe our interim services can be beneficial for facilities when the need arises to fill a void during periods of transition, sick leave or FMLA, maternity leave, leave of absences, vacations, or unexpected staff turnover.  
Please contact CAREmasters  for more information: admin@caremastershealth.com or call 941-960-1856


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